During July 2013, 80 children between 4 and 10 years, from 25 schools in Madrid, were found in the summer-camp organized by the International College Aravaca, to participate in a new experience:
Making a film workshop where they themselves would be the filming crew and actors in their own movie.
During the four-week workshop, the children worked as cameras, microphones operators, script, photographers, lighting technicians and actors.
For the interpretation, there was the added difficulty that the film was shot in English, and most children are in the process of learning the language, and have not had the opportunity to rehearse their roles as they sought to take away the pressure interpretative and present it as a game.
The film was almost entirely shot with the green-screen technique, in one of the classrooms of the International College Aravaca.
The film began shooting on July 1, 2013, and was released on the last day of camp on July 26.
This is the result of the work done by children who showed confidence, team work, and play, are essential tools in the development of their skills and learning.